Chae Je Min The Craziest Drummer

Chae Je Min (채제민, 6 March 1969) is a Korean Drummer who currently fills the drumming seat of one of the best Korean rock band BooHwal since 1997.


Chae Je Min runs the Bornstar (Boohwal) Music Academy and teaches drum in several music schools and academies. Aside from his band activities and teaching, he also plays the drum for a lot of renown singers’s live performances and recordings. He also runs “School Music” internet site along with his former bandmate from Tisams, pianist An Jeong Mo. He was the first person to teach drum by online video-lesson in Korea.


CJM is married with two children, one is 19-year old daughter and the other is  11-year old son.1

CJM debuted in 1987 as the drummer of Korean heavy metal band Tisams (티삼스 드럼).


They released an album in 1988. The band members were: 김화수 (vocal), 신승호 (guitar), 조성욱 (bass), 안정모 (keyboard), and of course CJM (drum).

The name of Tisams (티삼스 드럼) comes from the members’ educational lives. The band originated from a sound club in Inha Technical College (인하공업전문대학교)’s Department of Architecture. All members were architecture students, and T-scale, triangle, and scale were everyday facts for them.


The title song of this first album was I wait everyday (매일 매일 기다려).  The song made quite a big hit in 1987, as they won the 3rd prize at a pop songs festival The 8th MBC Riverside Song Festival (강변가요제). By this pop songs festival award in Nami Island, their professional career started in 1987.

[An abbreviation of (in Korean) 티, 삼, 스: 티자, 삼각지, 스케일. 티 (ti) stands for 티자 (T-ruler), 삼 (sam) stands for 삼각지 (triangle), and 스(s) is for 스케일 (scale).]

The group was dismissed almost right after.

In an iterview with Star’s Diary (Article released 24 May 2010) CJM talked about his feelings over Tisams’s winning 3rd prize in 1987 and audience’s reaction and he told: “I was so happy as if everything could come true. It felt like all the hard work was finally paid.”


In the same interview he said: “I was in a condition where I lost the passion of my life after I quit sports. (He used to be a boxer.) That’s why I could be bewitched by the drum’s attraction is a single stroke.”


Chae Je Min’s dream was playing for BooHwal. He joined the band from the 6th album.

In Chae Je Min’s Star’s Diary Interview released 3 June 2010, his words about being a part of Boohwal were featured  as “He dreams to eternally be Boohwal member. Somewhere along the way, Boohwal becomes a family. It’s not always harmonious, but it’s comfortable and he has overflowing attachment to it. He does not fear to walk the path before him, he’s reassured. He has faith. That he will always be with Boohwal until the end. That’s why the silent drumstick feels so light.”


After 6th album, in 1999 Chae Je Min left BooHwal. He wrote his excuse for leaving BooHwal as an emotional letter for Kim Tae Won.

“형 미안해. 나도 어쩔 수가 없었어. / Hyeong, I’m sorry. I had no other way.”

After leaving Boohwal, Chae Je Min participated in various concerts and albums as session musician. Lee Seung Hwan, Lee Seung Chul, Shin Seung Hoon, Byun Jin Sub, Park Hyo Shin, Yun Jong Shin, Pho Jis Yeon, Kim Bum Soo, GODLee Sun Hee

During that time he played for Juniper and released an album in 2000.


In 2002, CJM came back to BooHwal along with Lee Seung Chul.  Kim Tae Won welcomed him well. His words about his comeback were “My head hung down, he tapped on my shoulder and said. I have your letter well-kept at home.”


In the PlayDB  interview  (행복한 27년 차 록그룹, 부활), released in 2 May 2011, CJM answered “what does Boohwal mean to you” question  as  “It’s my family. No matter how they fight, family depends on each other. I think of Boohwal as my family, and that’s how it’ll always be. “

“He’s the best drummer in our country, I applaud him for certainly protecting his area of expertise.” was said by Kim Tae Won in the same interview.


He palys for Musical Hedwig & The Angry Inch (The musical written by John Cameron Mitchell was originating from the Jane Theater in Broadway in 1998.) along with BooHwal’s bassist Seo Jae Hyuck.


Sugar Daddy

Together with music producer/guitarist  Lee Jun have always been “permanent cast” from 2005 to 2008. CJM and SJH are still part of the band.

399527_400446103345010_27138100_n CJM took part in two other project bands with Boohwal’s bassist Seo ae Hyuck.

One of them was Band Not 2B formed in 2002. Other members were vocalist 배이비 (baby), guitarist Joseph Kim.


Second one was Little Wing.


The idea of forming this band was just for fun, not for money or fans.  Three members of  서재혁채제민엄수한  and 이준 came with this idea in the end of 2004 but due  the working on Boohwal’s 10th album it had to wait till 2006. The members were different than the original: Zakky Kim (guitar), Lee Jun (guitar), Chae Je Min (drum), and Seo Jae Hyuck (bass). No album was released but they perform live.

Chae Jemin leds the project band Noise 11 since 2006.


Members are: Chae Je Min (drum), Park Ung (guitar), Jang Jiwon (keyboard), Kang Un Hee (bass), and Lee Hyeon Seob (vocal).

All have their own band, or previously belong to a band, and get together in Noise 11 on project-basis. They started to perform at clubs and festivals, and they released an album in February 2009, titled “The Beginning”.

The album has four songs:

  1. 예전 그대로 (composed and written by guitarist Park Ung)
  2. 한달 그리고 일년  (composed by keyboardist Jang Jiwon, lyrics by vocalist Lee Hyeon Seob)
  3. 은두 (composed and written by basist Kang Un Hee)
  4. 건전가요 (composed and written by the leader of team/drummer Chae Je Min)

Chae Je Min hosted his own radio show called “Chae Je-min’s Doggaebi Radio” on iTV FM  for a while but after the radio channel passed into other hands, the new owner banned his program.


Musical Activities

Tisams (티삼스 드럼) (1987): Kim Hwa Su (김화수-vokal), Shin Seung Ho (신승호-gitar), 조성욱 (bass), 안정모 (keyboard)


  • 1999 : Kim Tae Won (Gitar), Kim Ki Yeon (Vokal), Jung Jun Kyo (Bass), Choi Seung Chan (Keyboard)
  • 2002 : Kim Tae Won (Gitar), Lee Seung Chul (vokal) Seo Jae Hyuck (Bass), Eum Soo Han (Keyboard)
  • 2003 : Kim Tae Won (Gitar),Jung Dan (vokal), Seo Jae Hyuck (Bass), Eum Soo Han (Keyboard)
  • 2005 – : Kim Tae Won (Gitar), Seo Jae Hyuck (Bass), Jung Dong Ha (Vokal), Eum Soo Han (Keyboard)

Juniper (2001): EX, Ban Sang Gyun (반상균), Jung Jun Gyo (정준교), Choi Seung Chan (최승찬)

Not 2B (2002): Seo Jae Hyuck (bass), Joseph Kim (gitar), 배이비 (baby-vokal)

Little Wing (2006): Jackie “Zakky” Kim (gitar), Lee Jun (gitar), Seo Jae Hyuck (bass)

Noise 11 (2006): Park Ung (gitar), Jang Jiwon (keyboard), Kang Un Hee (bass), Lee Hyeon Seob (vokal)


  • MBC Riverside Song Festival- Mbc The 8th River Festival 1st Album (1987, Asia)
  • Tisams (티삼스) 1st Album (1988, Asia)
  • 부활 6th Album – Ideal Sight (理想 시선) (1999, CREAM)
  • Juniper (주니퍼) 1st Album – Junyfore (2001, Seoul Records)
  • Guardian Angel (수호천사) (2001, SM Entertainment)
  • Indie Power (2002, Rock Records)
  • 부활 9th Abum – Over The Rainbow (2003, CJ Music)
  • Sharp (반올림1 , 2) / O.S.T (2004, Sky Music)
  • Juniper (주니퍼) – Summer (2004, Ethel International)
  • A Moment to Remember (내 머리 속의 지우개) / O.S.T Park Kyung Jin-박경진 (2004, Seoul Records-서울음반)
  • Juniper (주니퍼) 2nd Album – Break Up (2004, EMI)
  • 부활 10th Album – Lyric (서정) (2005, CJ Music)
  • Love in Heaven (하늘이시여) / O.S.T (2005, Universal Music)
  • Reds Go Together (2006, SMC)
  • 부활 – Live & Unplugged [live] (2006, CJ Music)
  • 부활 11th Album – Love (사랑) (2006, Doremi Media)
  • Someday (썸데이) / O.S.T (2006, Vitamin Entertainment)
  • 부활 12th Album – Part 1. Retrospect : 25th Anniversary (2009)
  • 부활 12th Album – Part 2. Retrospect : 25th Anniversary (2010, KT Music)
  • The Shouts of Reds. United Korea [omnibus] (2010, KT/붉은악마/KT Music)
  • 부활 : single – Because I Love You (사랑해서 사랑해서) (2010, KT Music)
  • 부활 : single – Collaboration Project + [plus] / +1 (2011, KT Music)
  • 부활 : single – 그때가 지금이라면 (2011, 네오위즈인터넷)
  • 부활 : digital single – Collaboration Project + 2 (2011, KT Music)
  • 부활 : single – Vision In Mind (가슴에 그린 성) (2011, Sony Music)
  • 부활 : single –Warrior Baek Dong Soo (무사 백동수) Part 4 / O.S.T (2011, 다날)
  • 부활 : single – Collaboration Project + 3 (2011, KT Music)
  • Share The Vision 쉐어 더 비전 / O.S.T (2011, CJ E&M)
  • Warrior Baek Dong Soo (무사 백동수) / O.S.T (2011, 다날)
  • Love Beat (러브비트 오리지날 사운드) Vol. 3 / O.S.T (2011, 음제협)
  • 부활 13th Album – Purple Wave (2012, KT Music)
  • 부활 : digital single – There is no Unconditional Love (사랑엔 조건이 없습니다) (2012, Eum Je Hyeob-음제협)


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